Business – Concept of Maintenance Service

Technician’s JobWith the growing use of computers, maintenance becomes an essential service. Though most of the maintenance equipment is being supplied by the manufacturers, large machines require closer monitoring. Hence, service engineers are mostly hired by manufacturers of computer equipment and maintenance firms. Third party maintenance firms provide maintenance service for a fee. With leadership skills, you could become a supervisor or service manager in this field. There is scope for entrepreneurial work too.Network technicians focus more on the set up, troubleshooting, and repair of specific hardware and software products. Service technicians perform the function of travelling to remote customer sites to perform ‘field’ upgrades and support.Personal CharacteristicsHardware engineers must have good technical knowledge. They have to work with service engineers and maintenance people hence they should have good management skills. Great amount of scientific and mathematical acumen is required by networking and chip design professionals also.

Maintenance staffNeed to be well qualified and experienced in computer hardware. They must have a logical mind and must be quick to find defects. Patience, interest, ability to work for long hours are essential. Maintenance persons are on the move with assignments to complete. They work on client’s and users premises. They may work on the assembly line.Work EnvironmentHardware engineers work in computer manufacturing firms. They often work on the client’s premises when installation work is on. Visiting maintenance sites involves moving in and out of the factory.Employment AvenuesHardware jobs are in manufacturing of computers and ancillaries, assembly, marketing and maintenance. Currently in the manufacturing segment there are both multinational and local firms offering job opportunities. The firms design, manufacture and market the products or market packaged finished products from overseas manufacturers. Most manufacturing firms are also end users of IT products. Job opportunities are in design and manufacture, marketing and maintenance, systems development and design. Technically brilliant engineers, aggressive computer cum marketing professionals for sales and marketing and dynamic professionals for systems development and design are in demand. Hardware engineer can become an Internet engineer and be responsible for managing and maintaining the networking architecture for an organization’s web site and Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity. Only six per cent of all the high-end processors produced across the globe are used in PCs while the rest (94 per cent) are used in entertainment electronics, communication products, embedded electronics and other non-PC devices thereby increasing the job options. According to a recent Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology-Ernst and Young study, the hardware industry revenues could touch $62 billion by 2010. This means that by 2010 the Indian hardware industry can grow almost 12 times the existing market size with proportionate demand for hardware engineers.

Network security analysts are working for large firms, financial institutions, government and service providers etc.With the PC penetration, Internet proliferation, increase in local language and content in information technology is opening up job options for content providers. Growth in embedded systems, a technology that uses computers to control other devices such as appliances or cell phones, will increase the demand for computer hardware engineers.